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Real Estate Stats - Salem, NH

Home Sale Prices Increase in Most Southern NH Towns in 2016

07Mar 2017

If you are purchasing a home,  selling a home or relocating to the southern NH area and interested in knowing which towns have the highest or lowest average single-family home sale prices, take a look at these 2016 single-family home prices, compared to 2015, with 8 of our 9 local real estate markets showing an increase in average sales price.

 If you would like information on any other city/ town, please feel welcome to contact me.  


Local Housing Market off to Prosperous Start in 2017

23Feb 2017

Locally, home sales also began 2017 "with a bang" with 4 southern NH towns, including Atkinson, Hampstead, Salem & Windham,  average selling price of a single-family home up 29%, on average, from the same time frame as last year*.  Although unit sales are down 21%, on average,  this speaks to recent news of a shortage of housing inventory and, as a result, an increase in home sale prices. 

Comparing January 1, 2017 to February 23, 2017 ('YTD')  to the same time frame last year, here's more detail and some local insights;

2016 Southern NH Tax Rates

28Feb 2017

If you are evaluating which southern NH city/town to relocate to and tax rates are important to you, here are a few tax rates for your reference;


Atkinson - $17.88

Chester - $23.91

Danville - $26.65

Derry - $27.06

Hampstead - $24.20

Pelham - $20.95

Plaistow - $22.50

Salem - $20.43

Sandown - $29.16

Windham - $21.82


Salem NH 2013 Home Sales by Price Category

19Feb 2014


The Salem single-family real estate market ended 2013 ahead of 2012 in unit sales with 24 additional home sales and a 6% increase in the average selling price.

The largest price category of homes to sell in 2013 was in the $0 to $250,000 price range which accounted for 45% of the total sales followed by the $250,001 to $299,999 price range at 22% of total sales.  The  $300,000 to $399,999 price range trailed behind at 18% of the total sales.  

Stat Savvy Spotlight - Salem, NH

29Jan 2014

The Salem single-family real estate market finished 2013 ahead of 2012 in unit sales with 24 additional home sales and a 6% increase in the average sold price.  

The average sold price of a home in 2013 was $279,366 with 311 sold homes and  70 average days on market.  See 'Homes Sales by Price Category' for Salem for a break down of the % of sales within various price categories.