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Home Sale Prices Increase in Most Southern NH Towns in 2016

07Mar 2017

If you are purchasing a home,  selling a home or relocating to the southern NH area and interested in knowing which towns have the highest or lowest average single-family home sale prices, take a look at these 2016 single-family home prices, compared to 2015, with 8 of our 9 local real estate markets showing an increase in average sales price.

 If you would like information on any other city/ town, please feel welcome to contact me.  


Local Housing Market off to Prosperous Start in 2017

23Feb 2017

Locally, home sales also began 2017 "with a bang" with 4 southern NH towns, including Atkinson, Hampstead, Salem & Windham,  average selling price of a single-family home up 29%, on average, from the same time frame as last year*.  Although unit sales are down 21%, on average,  this speaks to recent news of a shortage of housing inventory and, as a result, an increase in home sale prices. 

Comparing January 1, 2017 to February 23, 2017 ('YTD')  to the same time frame last year, here's more detail and some local insights;

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

07Oct 2016

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Seal it up: Caulk and seal around exterior door and window frames. Look for gaps where pipes or wiring enter the home and caulk those as well. Not only does heat escape from these openings, but water can enter and may eventually cause structural damage and mold problems.

Cover it up: Cover exposed AC condenser units & pool heating units.

2016 Southern NH Tax Rates

28Feb 2017

If you are evaluating which southern NH city/town to relocate to and tax rates are important to you, here are a few tax rates for your reference;


Atkinson - $17.88

Chester - $23.91

Danville - $26.65

Derry - $27.06

Hampstead - $24.20

Pelham - $20.95

Plaistow - $22.50

Salem - $20.43

Sandown - $29.16

Windham - $21.82


Atkinson RE Market Update

12Jun 2016

Sunday, June 12, 2016 - As of today, the Atkinson Real Estate Market for single-family homes is +2% for average sold price compared to 2015 however the average number of homes sold has decreased;  7.6 homes selling per 2015 compared to 4.3 in 2016 year-to-date. Here's a look at what is For Sale, Under Contract or has Sold year-to-date; (Note: Headers in blue font are links to the homes)




28 homes

Home Improvements & Which Projects to Do

21Feb 2013

Home Improvements & Which Projects to Do

Whether you plan to sell in the near future, or just want to improve the marketability of your home, here is one low cost improvement to consider.

May I Assist Someone You Know to Sell His/Her Home?

21Jan 2013

My clients, who listed and sold their homes,  in 2012 enjoyed the success of  having their homes be for sale for an average of 11.33 Days on Market (before receiving a contract) and an average of 100.3% of their Asking to Sold Price.  And, 66% of them received multiple offers!

If you know someone who wants superior service,  industry expertise, excellent communication and a professionally managed real estate transaction, please let me know.

Home Improvements & Which Projects to Do

22Sep 2012

Whether you plan to sell in the near future, or just want to improve the value of your home, here is one low cost improvement you should consider.  Update your light fixtures.  Replacing dated fixtures with newer more modern fixtures,  or with finishes that are currently more desirable such as oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel,  will make the age of your home seem newer and can put a new face on your home quickly and inexpensively